Roofing Calculator PRO – Lead Gen. Plugin & Roofing SEO Services

The Three Most Effective and Game Changing Things You Can Do to Improve Your Lead Generation Outcomes for Your Roofing Business Right Now:

1. Setting up a Custom Roofing Calculator for your website:

Why pay for the shared third-party roofing leads, when you can dramatically increase the number of exclusive leads being generated from your very own roofing website.

Here is how: We can set-up your website with a custom Roofing Calculator PRO to help boost your lead gen. numbers based on the same level of traffic to your site. — Why pay for shared leads from lead aggregators such as Home Advisor, which by the way is selling the same lead to a few competing roofing contractors at $50 to $100 per lead, when you can double the number of exclusive leads from your own website, without any change in traffic!

Here is another example of a roofing calculator that would be customized for your products and services and set-up on your website to provide interactivity for your visitors, create engagement, and drive exclusive roofing leads: — with our proven roofing calculator lead gen machine set-up on your website, you can double and in some cases even triple the number of exclusive leads generated with the same level of traffic.

So, what will you guys do for my roofing contracting website?

We would essentially get your website setup with a customized roofing lead generating machine. We would also act as a trusted adviser/consultant for all things lead gen for a very small, nominal monthly fee.

2. Tasty Placement to Exclusive Roofing and Home Improvement Resources:

Doubling and Tripling your exclusive roofing leads in just one month with the help of our customizable Roofing Calculator Pro Plug-in for your website is certainly a great start, but there is a whole lot more we can do.

How Long will it Normally Take to See the Results?

After 6 to 12 months of myself personally working on your website, you will be getting more exclusive roofing leads and qualified homeowners coming to your website from Search (i.e. highly relevant traffic to your website) than you could have ever imagined.

Why Lead Generation Services Suck and What to Do About it

Right of the bat, here at, our view is that contractor referral and lead generation services should only be used sparingly, as a temporary crutch, while you are building your own, strong lead generation website. Here is why:

When you are buying roofing leads from lead generation services such as HomeAdvisor, Porch, Angie’s List, and other contractor referral services, you are really building their business, not yours.

Sure, it’s OK to use remodeling lead referral services every now and then, perhaps during slow periods. But, you should probably not view lead generation services as your one and only long-term growth strategy, unless of course, you like competing on price with three other pros pursuing the same lead. 😉

Savvy contractors know that ultimately it’s best to build your own lead generation funnel aka a well-optimized and highly visible website designed to convert visitors to clients.

Here is Why HomeAdvisor, Porch, and similar leads are a bad long-term vision for your contracting business:

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Roofing Guest Blogging Opportunity – SEO for Roofing Contractors

Hello Roofing Pros,

I know a lot of you are looking for a way to expand your company’s brand with guest blogging.

We can offer you a fantastic guest posting opportunity on our flagship website — a digital marketplace for roofing contractors and homeowners.

There is absolutely no catch, but you will note that most of the articles we publish are long form and offer real value to homeowners. All of our articles are minimum 1200 words. Other than that our publishing requirements are very simple:

Remodeling Guest Post Article Requirements:

1) The article is easy to read, offers real value and requires minimum editing
2) The article is unique and has not been published anywhere else
3) You are a real roofing company not an agency

If we like your article and end-up publishing it on our blog, we will be able to include your bio with a link to your roofing contractor website.

Also, any roofing company for which we do a feature on our blog can be added to our platform for Free.

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Is BBB Still Relevant for Home Services and Roofing Contractors?

As a former roofing contractor, my opinion is that BBB has lost some of its relevance and usefulness, especially for the home services industry. However, we found that when homeowners are considering a particular contractor, they are more at ease to hire a company that is BBB accredited, as it signals that the company cares about its reputation.


In other words, although BBB may no longer be a critical piece in the contractor home search process, having a BBB accreditation can give homeowners a certain sense of peace of mind. Homeowners will know that the company takes their reputation seriously and should anything major go wrong, they will have a recourse.

That being said, most homeowners don’t really scout for home service professionals. Instead, they go to sites like to read other homeowners’ reviews to assess the reputation of a particular contractor, especially now that is free.

There are also new and emerging home services platforms where people go for roofing and remodeling pros. For instance, is actively working on developing a promising new platform for assessing transparency and trustworthiness of roofing contractors, while is a good resource for general contractors.

There are also new homeowner education and roofing contractor search services such as for roof repair and replacement services where many homeowners go before hiring a roofer.

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