Why Lead Generation Services Suck and What to Do About it

Right of the bat, here at Roofinity.com, our view is that contractor referral and lead generation services should only be used sparingly, as a temporary crutch, while you are building your own, strong lead generation website. Here is why:

When you are buying roofing leads from lead generation services such as HomeAdvisor, Porch, Angie’s List, and other contractor referral services, you are really building their business, not yours.

Sure, it’s OK to use remodeling lead referral services every now and then, perhaps during slow periods. But, you should probably not view lead generation services as your one and only long-term growth strategy, unless of course, you like competing on price with three other pros pursuing the same lead. 😉

Savvy contractors know that ultimately it’s best to build your own lead generation funnel aka a well-optimized and highly visible website designed to convert visitors to clients.

Here is Why HomeAdvisor, Porch, and similar leads are a bad long-term vision for your contracting business:


Did you know? Most contractor referral leads not only come with a hefty price, but they also have an inherent disadvantage: the leads you pay top dollar for are shared, not exclusive.

When you have to compete with three or four other pros for the same lead, you are not seen as a professional who is in high demand, but rather just another roofing guy. 😉

With contractor referral services, it is often very difficult to differentiate your services, unless you low ball your bids or truly master the art of selling.

There is a better way:

Developing your own, well-oiled lead funnel will put you in a position of power for years to come. With steady flow of exclusive leads coming in, you will no longer have to compete on price or live and die by how quickly you can dial that phone number to reach the new lead that just came in…

Here is how to assess the health level of your online lead generation funnel:

1. You have a user-friendly website optimized for conversions aka phone calls and email leads

2. Your website appears in Google Local Search Pack for your main roofing and remodeling services and service area locations

3. Your website appears in the top five in Google organic search results for your main home services and geographies/locations

Once you get these three elements right, you will have a nice and steady flow of leads to keep you busy, thereby reducing and eliminating your dependence on lead referral services where four pros chase the same lead.

The idea is to play on your terms not on theirs!

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